"Yoga" his tongue is Sanskrit philosophical language of India. Yoga has many interpretations, the word "Yoga" is derived from the root "yug of" which traditionally has two complementary meanings:
 The first is "two objects together, together, together." 
 Second is "Converging the mind."
For example, driving a car When several actions take place and take our attention.
Another meaning May be, "reach a point That info we have never reached before." Something that I can not at this time is made possible through YOGA, today I am with difficulty on the floor and I can just stretch your legs. After several days of practice I can not just sit straight but I reach forward and take my feet comfortably. Deep Down These meanings converge.
The essence of Yoga was formulado by Indian sage Patanjali called "citta vrtti Yogah nirodhah" Yoga is the abitur Exclusively to direct the mind towards a point and hold it in That direction without any distractions. The object can be something concrete like a sculpture, something dynamic like a race car or abstract as a mathematical formula. So another definition of yoga is "dhyānam or MEDITATION"
When we think of yoga, all person Concentrated imagine sitting against a wall in the lotus position and meditating deeply for hours. But yoga is not just a practice of meditation In Which We make unimaginable physical contortions. It is Primarily a philosophy, a teaching That leads the Individual to a healthy lifestyle and peaceful. THEREFORE, it was Exercised by Indian yogis and Tibetan monks from more than 500 years before Christ, before being Transmitted from generation to generation to the common people Through These sages. 've factotum believes That But its origins are more than 5000 years. Most Important writings are reports of the precepts of yoga are the Bhagavad Gita, que means Song of God . We Identified the different types of yoga and personal philosophy. Even then, yoga is practiced ACCORDING to the needs of different breeds. Revel in the thought of yoga, meditation, yoga  was unavailable for media professional to Achieve absolute self-realization and escape from the cycle of reincarnation. It was a ticket to eternal rest somehow.

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